INMOTION 3 Anniversary -- INMOTION with You, Start from Heart

01-13-2016 02:01:08

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INMOTION hold its 3 anniversary party on January 9th , 2016 in Grand Skylight International Hotel Guanlan, Shenzhen.

INMOTION has founded 3 years since December, 2012. For 3 years, INMOTION always insists on one brand principle; INMOTION not only produce high-quality balanced vehicle, but also create happiness to every user from all over the world. We has spent unimaginable time and effort to be able to come with the products that people can count on.

The INMOTION SCV line has came with three total different original creations, R series, V series and L6, Two of which are unicycles, R1EX and V series. L6 is electric scooter. INMOTION is the only one who has the full range of products in the balance vehicle industry. Every product reveals the proud of INMOTION inside. We insist on original, never copy.

As the first company in the balance vehicle industry, INMOTION spent 8 years of research and development to creat the first two-wheel smart balance vehicle R1. Depending on its smart and human desigh, V3 is the first electric unicycle to win the China Red Star Desigh Award. Excelling in features and innovative design, L6 surpasses other such vehicles of its ilk as it was launched.

The CEO of INMOTION, Vic said, "Innovation is the source of hi-tech enterprise." Only by innovation can a company gain the advantage of competition. We do not follow the crowd, not copy, and insist on innovation, which is INMOTION's pride.

The aim of INMOTION is to serve our customers and that is why we try to keep track of all the innovations that take place in the field of self-balancing technology. We do an in-depth research and choose those innovations that may perfectly fulfill the requirements of customers. This approach is the key factor that has contributed immensely for our growth.

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