Inmotion Authorized Dealer Programs

12-30-2019 12:12:00


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For Urban Transportation


About Inmotion 

Established in 2012, and dedicated itself to researching and developing smart transportation products, such as Electric Kick-scooter, Unicycle, Electric Bicycle, and Self-balancing Vehicles. Till now, we have already got more than 300 patents for Core-Tech, Utility models and Industrial design, and IF Design/G-Mark/Red-Start Design Awards.


Top 1 market shareholder of Electric Unicycle in the worldwide.

The verified supplier of Top 3 Sharing electric scooter Enterprise in the worldwide, like Yellow, Movo, and etc.

The best choice for the users who’re looking for the solution for Urban Transportation.


The Authorized Dealer Program by Inmotion

What is the program for?

The original purpose to set up the program is to help Inmotion cooperated distributors to open the local market quickly and without the need to invest a large amount of money at the beginning, and to fulfill the wish of starting owns a business at low expense.


Who is able to apply for this program?

The people who are able to ride Unicycle/Kick scooter or are interested in learning how to ride it, and with the strong desire to involve in the urban transportation business.


How to start the Inmotion dealer business quickly?

1. Register a dealer account at the Inmotion website (, and you will receive an email from the web administrator once your account got approved.

2. Order the Starter Kit from Inmotion or Inmotion’s Authorized Distribution Partner from the local.

3. Open a workshop or online-shop and exhibit all of the related product info in the workshop or on the online shop.

4. Set up a Social Media account, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, and please do connect it with Inmotion official Social Media account.

5. Keep posting the related info about your store onto the local forum for Unicycle or Urban Transportation, Outdoor sports, etc. Participating in the group ride of the local PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices) or EVs (Electric Vehicles) community will be essential for you to get to know the culture and connect the real customers.

The biggest Electric Unicycle Forum:

6) Organize the Unicycle fans to test out the products before they purchase the products, and let more consumers know Unicycle and your store. (Kindly reminding: Please comply with the local regulations to ride the unicycle in a permitted area.)


Suggested Kit for your first time purchasing


V5F for beginner, V8F for Experienced, V10F for Professional riders.


Starter Kit                                                                                Marketing Materials Support

1x V5F + 1x V8F + 1x V10F                                  get 2x Inmotion T-shirts, 1x  V5F, 1x V8F, and 1x V10F Protective Covers;

1x V5F + 5x V8F                                                    get 3x Inmotion T-shirts, 1 x V5F, and 5x V8F Protective Covers

1x V5F + 5x V10F                                                  get 5x Inmotion T-shirts, 1 x V5F, and 5x V10F Protective Covers




Tips to Improve our sales performance?

1. Show to as many consumers as possible through social media or other platforms how unicycle works, and how electric unicycle brings convenience to people’s life.

2. Provide the demo (beginner) to all target consumers who are interested in learning how to ride. The electric unicycle-riding tutorial videos will be offered to you.

3. Teach them how to ride it and how to protect themselves and their vehicles.

4. Take as many photos/videos as possible about Unicycle, and share them on Social Media with your friends.


The incentive program to Inmotion Authorized Dealers?





Silver Dealer

100+ Inmotion Unicycle

Get 1x V8F for free

Gold Dealer

200+ Inmotion Unicycle

Get 2x V8F for free + Priority to get the sample of New model    

Platinum Dealer

500+ Inmotion Unicycle

Get 2x V10F for free + Priority to get a sample of New model


If any questions, please feel free to contact us

What You Will Receive after being Our Partner

Trademark Access

You will be granted to use the INMOTION name legally for your own publicity.


Resource Access

You will be able to access our global marketing and sales resources, like promotional videos, photos, and etc.


Innovative INMOTION Products and Discounts

We will continuously offer innovative self-developing amazing products to the market every year.


Marketing Support

We will provide generous and various marketing support for you to develop your business. 


Comprehensive Service Training

We will provide necessary comprehensive training to our partners for those who want to become integral and reputed business partners.


Sales Incentives

Registered authorized distributors will be constantly offered incentives to boost your sales. You are entitled to receive all the rights that you signed up for.


After-sales Supports

The Inmotion service team and the engineering crew will help you solve the problem instantly and stand by your side as friends.


Visa Invitation to China

As a high-tech company in Shenzhen, we have found a close relationship with the local government. A visa invitation to China will be offered when you are applying for the Visa.



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