A Excellent Foldable E Bike You Should Learn About 

01-17-2018 12:01:00

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INMOTION P1F folding e bike is a kind of compact, effective and economic personal transport tool. Its fashionable and light structure design, as well as the lithium-ion power battery (high configuration) will provide you with joyful riding experience.

Pleases follow me to see this excellent foldable e bike. firstly, Here is the detail of dimension:


Then, Main specification of inmotion P1F you may care about:



Max. speed

The factory default of 20 km/h can be adjusted to 30km/h

Endurance Mileage


Climbing Angle


Net Weight

13.5 kg


120 kg

Overall size


Battery Specification(lithium battery)

36V 8.7 Ah

Charging Demand

100~240V 50~60Hz

Charging Time

About 6.0 hours

Tire type

Pneumatic tire, front 12 inch,rear 10 inch

Brake type

Double disc brakes

USB Discharge


Dust & Water Proof Level


Above the table, this speed is measured under 70kg of the human body 20 km per hour.The max. cruising speed can be set at 30km/h through the APP once its total riding mileage reached 10km.

Endurance mileage is 25℃, 70kg load, Riding at an even speed with 20km per hour, measured under flat road. Riding habit, environment,temp., road condition, load and other factors will affect the endurance mileage. Different E-bike types and battery models will result in different endurance mileage.

Waterproof and dust-proof grade is IP54.


INMOTION folding e bike is a kind of technological travel tool, one of the best folding e bike. Riding without better understanding of the operation specification will result in unpredictable injury. The following instructions are explained in details on how to correctly ride the mini e bike folding for green hands, especially those who ride it for the first time,and list all precautions during the riding. Please carefully read it and ride folding e bike electric as required.

When riding or parking INMOTION e bike folding mini electric bike, it will cause loss and affect the using performance of the product. Therefore, before riding, please pay attention to the following notes:

• Please check if all parts of the E-bike are well installed without damage.

• Please check if the brake is well.

• Please check if the folding mechanism is locked.

• Please check if there is enough power.

• Please check if the tire is well.

• Please check if the handle is fixed. Once loose, please screw it down.

• You need to find an open and flat place with the square of at least4m * 20m to practice riding, indoor and outdoor are OK.

• You need to have a deep understanding to the surrounding riding condition, in order to ensure not to be disturbed by the cars, pedestrians, pets, bikes or other obstacles.

• You need a skilled assistant who is familiar to ride folding E-bike and knows about all precautions and riding methods in this manual.

• Please do not test on smooth and wet ground.

• Please wear a helmet or other protectors to avoid possible injury.

For your safety, please read over manual before riding folding E-bike, and carefully watch the instructional video to correctly ride folding E-bike.

• Knowing all the listed safety warnings and precautions will help you better ride the folding E-bike.

• This manual is applicable of all folding E-bikes manufactured by INMOTION TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.

• Any questions or any information you cannot get from this manual, please immediately contact INMOTION authorized agency or INMOTION after-sales department.

Glad to Hope you have a happy riding with our folding E-bike.

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