How to Ride INMOTION Hoverboard D2

02-07-2018 12:02:00

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Preparation Before Riding

Choose a right place before your first ride. You can practice driving electric hoverboard in an open indoor or outdoor area that is flat and wide, and covers at least 4m*4m; no motorcycls, bicycles and other obstacles, no pets, children or something that is distractive. You need a skilled assistant who is familiar with the operation of D2 as well as all the precautions and driving methods described in this manual by your side.

Please wear a helmet and other protective gears to avoid injuries.

Power on

Press the power switch and it will be successfully powered on after you hear the beep.

INMOTION D2 will keep balanced by itself, and two LED taillights as well as the battery indicator will be on.


Make sure D2 is in a self-balancing state and then you can start to ride it. Put one foot on the pedal first and then put your other foot on the other pedal. The hoverboard will keep balanced when it senses a uniform pressure. If the pedals are out of balance, please readjust the two pedals to make them in the same level.

Get on and Keep Balance

Ask your assistant to stand in front of the hoverboard and hold your hands to help you keep balance, so that you will not lose your balance because of nervousness or wrong posture.

The upper body shall be naturally upright, and the eyes shall look straight ahead. Try to get the other foot off the ground to look for the balance point.


Forward, Backward and Stop

● Tilt your body forward and the hoverboard will move forward. Stand vertically means deceleration and stop moving. Keep more pratices, and it will help you understand how to use the center of gravity to control the movement of D2.

● Tilt your body backward and the hoverboard will go backward. Stand vertically means deceleration and stop moving. Avoid collision while practicing.

● Try to stand upright gradually while you're moving forward or backward. When the pedals are pressed evenly from your body weight, it will stop.



● Put more pressure on the left pedal, and the hoverboard will turn left; and put more pressure on the right pedal, it will move right.

● Tilt your body to learn how to make a turn while moving, and stop leaning when the hoverboard is in the right direction.



Make sure D2 is in a balancing state when you start to climb a slope. Do not lift your feet up from the pedals simultaneously. Keep the center of gravity steady. No forward, backward and turn.


Please use the specific charger to feed your battery. Put the DC plug into the charging port. When the indicator on the charger is red, it means the hoverboard is being charged; when the indicator becomes green, it has been fully charged. You can choose to power on or power off the hoverboard while it's charging. If you choose to power it on, the battery indicator on the hoverboard will be flashing. The hoverboard is disabled when the battery is on charge.

Battery Indicator

The battery indicator is on the body of D2, which easily indicates the current battery level. When it turns green, there are 100%-70% battery; and yellow and red means 70%-40%, 40%-10% battery left, respectively. When it is flashing in red, there is no more than 10% battery now, please charge your battery timely before use D2.

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