Best Folding Bike For Commuting: Some Precautions of Safe Riding

01-18-2018 12:01:00

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INMOTION E-bike is a kind of personal transport tool with certain speed, which has been strictly inspected on the technology and manufacture. It’s the best folding bike for commuting, Please use it according to the safety warnings in this post, otherwise, it may bring risks. Any time or places, it may hurt you or even cause death due to the reasons such as falling, loss of control, collision etc., including that you do not ride INMOTION P1F according to the manual.


Therefore, in order to reduce risks and avoid injury, Here are some Precautions of safe riding.

• When riding, please wear the helmet and protectors.

• Please do not climb slope over 12°, and do not sharply speed up or slow down on the slope.

• Be cautious to the obstacles and wet and smooth road, do not ride on grass or pebble road.

• Please do not ride in water over30mm.

• DO NOT ride up and down the steps.

• DO NOT ride in motorway.

• DO NOT soak in water.

INMOTION P1F belongs to single-use vehicle, please DO NOT ride by several people.

• Beginners under 18 or over 45 years old, please practice under someone's help. And it’s the best folding bike for women commuting.

• Before using, please confirm if the power is full, and if the tire is in normal inflation.

• Before familiar to the E-bike, please DO NOT ride with higher speed, instead please ride slowly.

• As for the special property of lithium battery, users should charge it at least one time one month. It is not within the warranty range if the battery is damaged due to irregular maintenance.

• INMOTION P1F is only used as daily transport tool, best folding bike for commuting, best folding bike for women, and Best folding bike for travel, therefore, please DO NOT use it in extreme sports or other dangerous riding methods.

Any questions or improvement advice from you or people around you when riding INMOTION E-bike, please feel free to contact us. We will listen to your advice and do our best to serve you.



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