Inmotion Official Statement for App and After-sale Service

08-23-2018 04:08:00

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Dear Inmotion Customer and Distributor,

For the past couple of months, we have received lots of complain from our customers about can't get proper after-sale service. Due to buying from a non-official channel, that's why they can't get after-service from the local distributors. In order to improve the experience of after-sale service and protect the interest of customer, several survery and investigation has been made.

After weeks of endeavor and discussion, we have made a decision that buying from the non-official channel like Alibaba(Chinese Taobao), Aliexpress(Except for Inmotion Global Store) and etc, will no longer enjoy the after-sale service and the app. 

The customer and distributor is the core and pillar of Inmotion Sales system and its stability. Selling to other countries without authorization will be huge damage to the development which is not as we expected.  We have zero tolerance for such behavior. 

Thanks again for the constant support of our company. You can always get support by contact

Warm regards

Inmotion Teams


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